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As part of the housekeeping services, our caregivers ensure that your loved one lives in a healthy and well-groomed environment.

Easy cleaning is the weekly cleaning that each of us would do in the house of our loved one if we had the necessary time every time it is needed.


As loved ones age, it becomes more difficult for them to do certain activities that require physical effort, such as cleaning. Usually, the problems start with those activities of lifting heavier objects or involving the state in a less comfortable position, with stress on the joints. For this reason, cleaning the toilet bowl, carrying a bucket of water to wash on the floor, dusting areas that are harder to reach will be the first actions that the elderly will do less often, and their house will be less healthy.

Older people who insist on doing these activities on their own are exposed to back pain or the risk of falls, and the medical consequences can be serious for both you and you as family members.

Housekeeping services for the elderly help your loved ones to enjoy a hygienic and healthy environment, in which they are better protected from viral or bacterial infections.

Also, these services offered to your parents or grandparents assure you that they will not do activities that are risky for their health, which is why you will avoid visits to the Emergency Room.


To ensure a healthy and caring environment for the elderly, our caregivers will:

– Clean the bathrooms: washing and disinfecting frequently used areas (toilet, sink, bathtub/shower), washing floors, organizing frequently used things in the bathroom (shampoos, soaps, etc.), changing and arranging towels on the stand or in the closet;

– Clean the kitchen: cleaning and degreasing frequently used areas (sink, surface stove, worktop or table, outdoor refrigerator, etc.), disposing of leftovers, washing and arranging used dishes during the day, sorting expired or obsolete food from the refrigerator (only with the explicit consent of the elderly person), garbage disposal, organization of frequently used kitchen objects, etc.;

– Clean the rooms: ventilate the space according to the wishes of the loved one, sweep/vacuum and wash the floors, vacuum the carpets, dust off frequently used surfaces and remove easily accessible spider webs, change bed linen, and arrange bedding light – books/magazines, gathering clothes left at home, etc., caring for houseplants, etc.;

– Wash (machine), iron, and arrange clothes recently used by the elderly person;

– Take care of the pet: feeding it and cleaning the places where it defecates;

– Clean the yard or balcony: light sweeping (floor, leaves, etc.), watering the lawn and flowers;