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Home cleaning – types, stages and reasons for using alternative services

We are in the century of speed, and for each of us, the resource of time is becoming more and more important.
We all want to maximize profits and minimize losses.

When we refer to the subject of cleanliness, we all have a point of view. Even if we like to do it, we may not always have the necessary time or we may not have the most appropriate skills in this regard. In fact, some of us spend a lot of time at work and once we get home, we would prefer to do relaxing activities. Others are no longer able to have the energy to complete these tasks, either because of a stressful job, a health problem, or old age.

Regardless of the category you fall into, it is important to consider that there are alternatives when you need help with such cleaning and housekeeping activities.

Reasons why people turn to housekeeping services

Sometimes we may need the support of those around us, whether we like it or not, even when it comes to small services such as lending a book, caring for a loved one, or cleaning assistance in our own home. . In the following lines, we have made a list of the reasons why people resort to cleaning and housekeeping activities and we have tried to capture the main advantages that this decision can have.

  • A person dedicated to housekeeping and cleaning could do this service with more attention to detail.

We all have moments when we are convinced that we know how to do everything, but the reality is, most of the time, different. Although each of us has the necessary skills to clean in his home, when we choose to use a person with experience in cleaning, the degree of efficiency increases, and the time required for this activity decreases considerably. However, we recommend that you prepare the cleaning utensils for the first visits and guide the person doing this service, with directions to help them get things done the way you want them to.

  • Your home will always be tidy, airy, and safe

We all know that most accidents happen inside your own home, and the most common causes that can cause them are fire and falls. The risks increase even more when you have small children, whose toys are scattered throughout the house.

  • Decreases your risk of asthma or unwanted allergies

After a busy day at the office, we all long to get home, sit on the couch and watch a good movie.

Sometimes this may seem like a fad, but the reality is not so gray. For many of us, things look like this: we get home, we pick up the trouble we caused in the morning, we cook dinner, and then we fall asleep, don’t we? If we do not pay enough attention to the way we keep our house clean, we risk “inviting” mites and allergies into our home. Thus, the beginnings that require more attention to cleanliness are the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, and carpet or upholstery items vacuumed frequently, as well as linen, changed weekly can protect us from the incidence of health problems from allergies or even asthma. .

  • The order reduces stress and visual fatigue

According to the recommendations of specialists, it would be advisable to keep only what is strictly necessary for the personal space, because the accumulation of unnecessary things makes dusting more difficult, or allergies caused by it can have psychological implications, in addition to purely medical ones. According to psychiatrist Dr. Rian Rowles, “when you live in a messy house, your field of vision is always in action. At the subconscious level, your brain “reminds” you that there is work to be done. Too much clutter can cause stress and fatigue. ”

“Myths” related to cleaning companies

In general, guests are people dear to us, whose presence brings joy to our souls. We prepare our house for them, we cook and try, once we cross our threshold, to be the most welcoming hosts. Even if, at first glance, a person helping you with the housekeeping does not seem to resemble a guest, the behavior adopted should be the same. It is advisable to give it due attention, to talk openly about expectations, previous visits and the feedback received over time. Although in the collective mind, a cleaning aid does not always have positive resonance, we want to point out the main reasons for fear, trying to dismantle them with arguments.

  • High price – Comparing to the labor market, cleaning services do not have a high price. However, at the top of the reasons why we prefer to do our own housekeeping appears the financial argument: “services are too expensive, not worth the investment, I will do the cleaning myself!”. We cannot fight this thought, but we can look at the situation from another angle, through the prism of time. We believe that this inexhaustible resource, which cannot be paused in any way, may be a good reason to ask for cleaning assistance. . Therefore, by paying a modest price for such a service, you will be able to earn two things at once: a neat home, but especially time.
  • “I don’t know the person who will enter my house” – this concern is totally natural. As the first impression is often true, it would be recommended, in order to eliminate any future inconvenience, to plan a visit to an acquaintance or, at least, we encourage you to ask the company for as much information about the person/people who will come to do your housework. Questions may be related to the number and quality of visits (eg, “How many visits have you made so far?”, “How would you rate your work?”), And other customers’ opinions about them (e.g. .: “What did other customers think of you?”).
  • “I do a better job than anyone else” – it’s natural for you to know your home and its needs better than anyone. However, if you ask for help in cleaning, you can enjoy a clean home, taking care of your head. During the time the lady/gentleman will take care of the home, you could take over other household chores, such as cooking. Thus, two rabbits will be shot at once: clean house, tasks solved.
  • Lack of goods in the house – The first visit, the acquaintance, is essential to overcome this fear. We are not saying that a good first impression at this stage guarantees the success of the collaboration, but if you carry out the process of knowledge meticulously, any worry will decrease. Our recommendation would be to look for references for the company/person who will do the housework. Then discuss your expectations and preferred way of working, being clear from the start how the cleaning session will take place.

What you need to know about types of cleaning

Depending on the type of cleaning, the requirements you need to address the company/person vary. Therefore, to make sure that at the end of the visit the house looks the way you would like, we have made a short description for each type of cleaning.

Easy cleaning

This type of cleaning is done in each room, being a household cleaning, with weekly regularity. Depending on the room, the tasks may vary. The order agreed by most people who offer cleaning assistance is bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Both in the bedroom and in the living room, it starts by ventilating the room, during which time the frequently used things (books, clothes, remote control) are gathered and put back, then the floor is vacuumed and the carpets are shaken if they are small size and are easy to lift. In the end, change the linen and make the bed.

In addition to being airy and vacuumed, the living room also wipes dust on furniture and decorative elements. If there are plants, they will be watered and cared for.

In the bathroom, start by wiping the dusty furniture (shelves, cupboard, radiator), followed by washing and disinfecting the frequently used areas (toilet bowl, sink, bathtub/shower). Once the sanitary elements are clean, vacuum and wash the floors. If there are dirty clothes, they are washed.

In the kitchen, in the stage of easy cleaning, the tasks are only maintenance. It starts with throwing the leftovers from the plates, washing the dishes, and then arranging them in the cupboards. Then it is transferred to the refrigerator, where the validity of the food is checked. The penultimate step is to degrease the frequently used areas (sink, surface stove, worktop or table, outdoor refrigerator, etc.) and dispose of garbage.

General cleaning

This type of cleaning is a deepening of light cleaning. Generally, this cleaning is done once a month.

It is recommended that the person performing this type of cleaning starts from the last room, take the vacuum cleaner, and put in a bucket all the necessary materials – the solution of windows, paper towels, dust cloth, etc. This will ensure high efficiency.

In addition to the tasks already mentioned, vacuuming and dusting, in this stage, the washing of the windows, the thorough cleaning of the carpets, and the removal of the spider webs or the dust from the walls are also performed.

In the general cleaning stage, it is desirable to insist on removing dust from hard-to-reach areas or those that it “does not see” – radiators, door edges, frames, blinds, etc.

In the bedroom, it is recommended that, in addition to changing the bedding, the mattress be cleaned of mites, an activity performed with special equipment for vacuuming the mattress.

In the bathroom and in the kitchen should be used descaler and left to act for 10-15 minutes.

In the kitchen, the emphasis should be on both visible surfaces and the interior of household appliances. Clean the inside of the refrigerator, stove, microwave, and bread rack, as well as remove grease stains from the pulp.

Seasonal cleaning

This type of cleaning is done once a season or sometimes biannually, in spring and autumn. Mainly, the tasks are more organizational than effective cleaning, because the focus is on the wardrobes, the pantry, and the closet.

The wardrobe

Usually, the exchange is made between last season’s clothes and those useful this season. If you still have items that you used last season (eg, bath slippers, ski equipment, etc.), it would be a good idea to store them on the top shelves of the closet or in the closet. Also, with each new season, it is recommended to sort the clothes and shoes for the next season. Last season’s clothes and shoes are cleaned and then stored. If the clothes and shoes are in good condition, so as not to clutter the closet, you can donate them.


This stage focuses both on the actual cleaning of the pantry and on the disposal of expired products and unnecessary objects, collected during the year.

Start by throwing away all expired products and unwanted items. Then put the rest of the food and items in the boxes so you can wipe the shelves. Rearrange the objects according to the expiration date or choose a logical order for you.

If you follow these steps, you will have a better view of the pantry, as it is clean and organized. If you lack the food or items needed for the new season, you can produce or buy them.


You have certainly collected many items throughout the year. Start by getting rid of them, then dust off both shelves and cabinets, as well as appliances (eg washing machine) or large objects (eg bicycle, toolbox, etc.). Now check the condition of the bed linen, remove the thick blankets and duvets, to be ventilated and washed.

Cleaning after builders

This type of cleaning is done after any type of intervention and is necessary both for larger works (eg, after renovating a house) and after remodeling a room. Mainly, the attributions are specialized, which are performed only in these cases.

Among the tasks that a cleaning company will have to perform are:

– vacuuming and washing hard surfaces;

– vacuuming walls and ceilings;

– removal of deposits of cement, lime, and hardened adhesives from walls and floors;

– cleaning the remaining paint on windows, frames, doors, walls, and shop windows;

– digging the rubble in specially arranged places;

How long does a cleaning take?

It depends on the number and type of room – there is a difference between cleaning in two bedrooms or two kitchens. Therefore, when you call a cleaning company, it is advisable to specify the number of rooms that your home has, specifying the type of each room (eg kitchen, closet, bathroom, etc.).

It depends on the degree of order – even if your home is not very large, if it has not been cleaned for a long time or there is a high degree of clutter, the time required is higher.

It depends on the type of home – when you go to a cleaning company, you will be asked about the type of space that needs cleaning. Most often, people turn to housekeep in their own home, but there are also cases in which it is desired to clean spaces with another destination, such as offices, individual offices, warehouses, etc.


For many of us, cleanliness can be a real challenge, even if we are good at it. Often, due to lack of time or reduced energy, we end up neglecting it or making it superficial. A good solution would be to turn to a specialized, experienced person to help us when we need it. In this way, your home will always be clean and airy, and you will be able to enjoy as many beautiful moments with your loved ones. Moreover, by making sure that your house is cleaned weekly, you will be able to keep away allergies or other medical conditions, which is why we encourage you to consider the possibility of such services. Not only your loved ones but also your home will thank you for your attention.