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Your Loved Ones Deserve a Trusting Home Assistant

Angelic Personal Care Attendants is your Las Vegas’ premier choice for a personal home care provider, offering high-quality client care for you or your loved ones. Not only do we provide personal care assistance, but we can also be there to keep you company when you are lonely. As you get older, it gets harder to complete simple tasks such as cleaning and cooking. Angelic Personal Care Attendants LLC can complete the chores you are not able to do. If you or your loved one needs assistance in the home, call Angelic Personal Care Attendants LLC today at 702-444-4686 to learn more about our care services.

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Values ​​That Govern Us


Angelic Personal Care Attendants supports and believes in interpersonal relationships based on sincerity; Correct and responsible behavior, as well as respect for truth and justice, is essential for building and sustaining human relationships.


Dignity is one of the fundamental human rights. It must never be conditioned by circumstances, social background or material condition. Only by respecting dignity and responsible behavior can we build harmonious and lasting social relationships.


Only through involvement, effort, passion and sincere dedication can we turn our work into a value, and create stable human relationships.

Responsibility and respect

Responsibility and respect are the foundations of ethical and conscious action. Constructive results are the consequence of assuming our actions, of the way we relate to others with care and respect.

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Our Philosophy

To provide the highest quality client personal care services and satisfaction experience to our clients and their families. We will take care of your family member as if they were our own.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate and respectful caregivers to help improve your quality of life while allowing you to maintain a level of independence with a variety of options for care at home.

Our Goal

Serious work will always be successful. The one who has earned the status of a trustworthy person, will enjoy the appreciation of those around him.

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Personal care you deserve in the comfort of your home!

We make life easier by providing care services to seniors and those in need of assistance.


Useful Info

We often receive these questions, so we decided to give you the answer. If you have other questions, we are waiting for them in the feedback form on the contact page, and we will add them in this section as soon as possible.
What are the benefits of home care?

Today, home care is preferred as an alternative to nursing home care. People who are elderly and need help with daily activities or are suffering from a certain illness and cannot move need a home caregiver. The advantage of this type of service is that the old man does not leave the house and benefits from all the comforts of home.

What level of care can Angelic PCA provide?

Depending on your needs, the Angelic PCA service can provide a wide range of care and home services. We come to your home, do an evaluation and make recommendations for a care plan. Sometimes you only need company for a few hours a day or help with shopping. Our services are very flexible and can adapt to any situation.

Angelic PCA offers a combination of services (see services page for details). We will take care of seniors, retirees, veterans, people who have undergone surgery and are recovering or people who need company.

What are the working hours?

The offer of services is vast, depending on the needs and requirements of each one.

What happens if my caregiver does not meet the requirements?

No problem! As soon as possible, we will replace the caregiver with another person based on the service contract.

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What People Say

Angelic PCA has been a great support to me for over a year in caring for my grandmother. For a year I had Mary, to whom my grandmother was very attached and whom I warmly recommend because she was involved in creating an increased state of comfort.
Anna P.
Las Vegas, NV
Thanks to Mrs. Alice and the team of professionals who work there, for the support provided in the difficult times we had in the family.
Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Donna G
Henderson, NV
Thank you very much for everything you do. Ever since I started using Angelic Personal Care Attendants I feel I can trust to leave my mother in someone else's care.
Thank you for this!
Christina L.
Summerlin, NV